3 Diy Fall Arrangements That Use Fresh-Cut Flowers

Peak flower season may be over, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy fresh flowers anymore. Do something more with your favorite varieties of dahlias, mums, and thistles to create colorful autumn flower arrangements to celebrate the season.

Summer may be over, but we can still enjoy our favorite blooms by bringing them inside. And the best way to display these blooms? With a flower arrangement, of course! With the right vessels and cut flowers, you can create professional-looking arrangements that celebrate the colors of the season. These effortless creations require only a few materials: Fresh-cut flowers from the garden or grocery store and the right vase to put them in. Pair your fall flower arrangement with your favorite fall candles, decorative pumpkins, gourds, and more. A cleaned-out pumpkin can become the perfect container for an elegant fall centerpiece, and simple vases allow full and colorful flowers to put on a show.


We created three fall flower arrangement ideas with numerous different flower varieties and color combinations. Follow our designs or DIY a fall flower arrangement on your own!

Classic Green and White Flower Arrangement

Everyone can use a simple flower arrangement in their home. Try a white and green color scheme: The white will pop against green foliage, and the arrangement will look gorgeous among all types of decor. When going for a simpler flower arrangement, let the vase stand out—try using a metallic container or one of a brighter color. Use cuttings from your late summer container garden—like herbs and late-blooming flowers—for a freshly-picked-from-the-garden fall flower arrangement.

To create this arrangement, we started with sprigs of snowberry and mint, which add plenty of green as the base of the arrangement. We then added more green with larger caladium leaves (these give container gardens a tropical feel). The large flowers in this design are hydrangeas and dahlias, which give two different types of texture to the arrangement. Although this flower arrangement will last for weeks, the hydrangeas will eventually dry out. Luckily, you can keep dried flowers on display for year-round enjoyment. We filled in the gaps of the flower arrangement with phlox, sage, and thistle.


Fall Color Arrangement

Looking for fresh fall color in your space? Dahlias, zinnias, and marigolds are our favorite flowers that peak in late summer and early fall. To make their colors stand out even more, arrange them in a white container and add greenery as a backdrop.

Bittersweet branches—whose orange berries scream "fall"—set the stage for colorful tansies, dahlias, and marigolds and create a warm and elegant fall centerpiece. Alongside bittersweet, thistles create the first layer in this arrangement. The purpose of assembling a flower arrangement in layers is to keep it looking full from all sides, so keep that in mind when building yours. Asters and tansies add delicate texture and small pops of color. The colorful flowers in this design are dahlias, zinnias, marigolds, and celosia, which all add shades of orange and peach. Lastly, we added baby eucalyptus for some extra greenery to contrast orange hues.

Pumpkin Planter

A cleaned-out pumpkin becomes the perfect vessel for this fall flower arrangement. Mountain mint and scented geranium create a layer of greenery that blends with the sage-color pumpkin. Not only that, but scented geranium and mint add the perfect blend of floral scents to an arrangement. Set this fall flower arrangement in an entryway to grab the attention of house guests. We then added pokeweed, which adds bulbous texture, contrasting the statement-making leaves of ornamental kale. Fuchsia, dahlias, lisianthus, sweet potato vine (we picked ours from a container garden!), and ageratum finish the floral design with hues of blue and purple.

To make sure your pumpkin lasts as long as your flowers, keep it properly lubricated. Use petroleum jelly around the opening of your pumpkin to lock in moisture—you can do this as you're changing out the water of your fall flower arrangement.