What Does Serenata Mean?
Geovani Angeles

What’s in a name – What does Serenata mean?

(read ser·e·na·ta [ser-uh-nah-tuh])

When you think of flowers what do you envision? For us, it is love and being loved and we hope it is for you too! It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting flowers from a loved one, a friend or even showing yourself a bit of love, flowers are something special!

You might think that Serenata is just a catchy name for a flower delivery service, but actually, the name was given much more though than that! We’re proud of Serenata and everything that this encompasses because we have worked hard to build up a reputation to be proud of.

What does Serenata mean?

Serenata is a Spanish word for a form of classical music. Dating back to the 18th century it involved a combination of both vocal and instrumental sounds. Although it can mean all sorts of music, it is generally referred to as music that has been written and performed in someone’s honor!  These songs were often quite dramatic and made a statement, the same thing we are aiming to achieve with our flowers.

Much like the songs written we feel that our flowers are dramatic and full of love! These songs were written in order to be dedicated to an individual, which is pretty much the same as a bunch of flowers that you have delivered from us! Our flowers are designed to make the recipients hearts sing – so they’re not all that different from the 18th-century love songs that our name was first taken from.
Why Choose Us?

We’re passionate about flowers and believe that every delivery should be as special as having a song dedicated to you! We put us all into making sure our service is second to none, after all, why else would we choose a name that is so filled with love and history?