Instant Upgrade: Tomato Cage Plant Stand
Viviana Ortellado

We came up with a brand-new use for this garden staple.

You most likely have a few of them laying around your garden, but did you know that you can use tomato cages inside, too? Tomatoes are easy to grow in your garden at home, mostly because these hearty vegetables do not require constant upkeep and extensive maintenance. A tomato cage is designed to provide structural support as they grow throughout the season-the plant will thrive and work itself up the cage as the tomatoes grow. Cages also protect tomatoes from crop diseases and the damage from pests and insects that normally occurs when tomatoes grow on the ground.

Tomato cages are highly useful for any gardener, but they're also ripe for repurposing as pretty plant stands. Just as these cages support the weight of a heavy tomato vine, they make sturdy placeholders for potted plants in any area of your home.

How to Make a Tomato Cage Plant Stand

Start by cutting the spiky feet off of your tomato cage with a clipper. (We liked the Gilbert & Bennett galvanized tomato cages available at the Home Depot.) Then, head outdoors to complete the rest of you work. To get our exact look, you'll transform the basic tomato cage using 18-carat gold spray paint. Here, we used Krylon's Premium Metallic spray paint, but if metallic tones don't go with your home d├ęcor, you can choose any hue you like best. Let the paint dry completely before bringing the cage back indoors.

Place the newly-painted cage on its wide end, and gently fit your pot inside the top. Be sure to pot your plants in vessels that allow for proper drainage, then slip those into pretty cachepots.