Gardening Gear
Song Zeng

At the start of each gardening season we all tend to use the same familiar watering tools we’ve always relied on.

I know I’ve done that.

But have you ever asked yourself if there’s a smarter way to water?

We all have lots of hoses and sprinklers, but we may be missing out on watering tools that can make our watering more efficient and less stressful.

When you’re working in your garden swapping between watering tools is a snap with quick connectors.

No more endless twisting. Just push it down, snap it in, and release.

Now, you can quickly go from watering your lawn with a sprinkler to watering your plants with a nozzle.

Perfect for emerging flowers and veggies, the elevated sprinkler allows you to give a gentle, rain-like shower over taller plants or on slopes.

The dual outlet electronic water timer has two outlets, so you can set your timer to automatically water your lawn and your garden at the same time. Or at different times, by programming each outlet separately.

Your watering schedule will be the same, but your list of things to do in the garden will be shorter.

This gardening season, solve your daily watering challenges by using smart watering tools.

Now that’s a better day.