String Of Bananas

Another of the “String Of” succulents group, String of Bananas is a cousin of the previously mentioned String of Dolphins. String of Bananas is native to Africa, and is a fast-growing plant when grown in the right conditions. Both String of Dolphins and String of Bananas are part of the family Asteraceae, and relatives of the Daisy. String of Bananas, or Senecio Radicans, grows in a vining habit and can grow to be around 36 inches in length. The leaves of the String of Banana vine, also referred to as Necklace Plant or String of Fishhooks, look like, well, bananas. They are curved and pointed at both ends, and if you look closely they are just barely striped thanks to sections of the leaf that are partly transparent. As with the String of Dolphins plant, String of Bananas will flower under the right conditions with blooms that resemble other members of the Daisy family, and those flowers are said to have a faint cinnamon scent.


Take caution when placing String of Bananas in the home as they are not pet safe. String of Bananas prefers bright, indirect light. It will survive in lower light, but it will not grow much or flower in such conditions. String of Bananas does great in a hanging pot, or it can be placed in a sitting pot and placed on a high shelf or near a stair railing where the vine can trail over the edge of the stairs. Use a cacti and succulent potting mix, and make sure your pot has good drainage.

Water String of Bananas only when the soil is almost completely dry. Use the Drench and Drain method to water, allowing water to flow over the soil and through the bottom of the pot until it’s gotten a good soaking. Let any excess water drain out of the bottom of the pot before placing it back into a secondary pot or replacing a saucer or tray. Be careful not to over water String of Bananas, as it is susceptible to root rot. If you have to err, err on the side of underwatering. Use a Moisture Meter if you are unsure of the moisture level at the bottom of the pot. If you do add too much water to a pot that has little or no drainage just gently tip the pot sideways to drain some of the water, being careful not to dislodge soil.

String of Bananas is great for beginner Plant Parents or people who travel and are unable to water a plant for weeks at a time. It will make an impressive addition to any Plant Parent’s collection, and will add an exotic touch to decor.