Automatic Watering System For Indoor Plants:Which System Is Best For Your Plant?

To determine which system is best for your plants, you’ll have to look at what your garden needs specifically.

If there are only a few potted plants and succulents to take care of, something simple like drip watering or a self-watering pot is ideal. For those with large scale gardens ranging from fully grown plants to seedlings, an irrigation pump or mini greenhouse might be more suitable.

You’ll also have to consider how much autonomy you want the system to have. Some people would like their irrigation set up to do everything for them, which means installing pumps, hoses, and timers. Others might be happy to turn on the faucet and let the system take over, so it all depends on your preferences.

How long you want the system installed will also dictate which method you choose. Most people opt for the simpler options like wick watering for shorter periods, but if you’re after something you can leave on all season to do the work for you, soaker hoses and complete irrigation systems are ideal.

Easy DIY Wick System

Easy DIY Wick automatic watering System for potted plants

Making your own wick water system is one of the easiest short term irrigation solutions around.

If you have succulents that need taking care of while you’re away, try out this simple DIY project to keep them hydrated and healthy.


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