What Is September’S Birth Flower?
Gracia Zavala

September’s birth flower is the aster which comes from the daisy family. It boasts a composite flower, featuring a central core of extremely small flower-heads that are enveloped by lengthy petals. It is an extremely pretty, vibrant bloom that looks equally as good in the garden as it does display as a cut flower in the home. The perennial plant is often used in hanging baskets and in borders, as well as in beautiful bouquets and displays.

What Flower Symbolizes September?

The aster comes in the shape of a wildflower, which did have an impressive 600 species in Eurasia and North America. However, after extensive research in the 1990s, the classification has since been narrowed to around 180 species, with many finding themselves classified in with other genera. These are available in various hues, ranging all the way from white to red, to bold pinks and tangy orange shades. This flower is renowned for its beautiful colours and is one of September’s most hot-hued blooms.

The History of the Aster

In Greek, the word aster means star and according to Greek mythology, this bloom was introduced when the Greek god, Astraea, was upset by how few stars there were in the sky. One night, she began to cry. As the tears flowed down her face and hit the ground, they were transformed into picture-perfect, star-shaped aster flowers.

More about Asters

The September birth flower is a genus of perennial flowering plants which come from the family Asteraceae. All but one of the species is restricted to Eurasia. It’s important to note that while many species were reclassified, the majority are still widely referred to as asters.

Growing Asters

Growing the September birth bloom is a simple garden chore. They can be grown from seed in the spring months, however, many people will choose to purchase them as a potted plant. For best results, place in full sunlight or partial sunlight in loamy, well-drained soil. It’s important to keep new plantings moist and it’s a good idea to continue to water these plants until blooms cease. They’re a great option for those wishing to add vibrancy and colour to an otherwise muted garden, especially as they come in so many bright and bold shades, meaning there is one to suit all tastes.

There is an assortment of aster species and varieties to choose from. With this in mind, both the hue and size can vary dramatically. The plant’s height can range from eight inches to eight feet, depending on the species you have selected. They’re an extremely versatile plant and you can find an aster suited to almost any home or garden space.

The plant can be used in many areas, including in borders, as a wildflower, or in rock gardens. Asters also attract a range of wildlife, such as bees and butterflies, supplying the pollinators with an important late-season source of nectar, whilst adding both life and colour to the outdoor space.

Aster Meanings and Symbolism

As the September birth flower, asters are known to be symbolic of validity, wisdom and faith. Different hues of this bloom also carry different meanings:

Purple asters: these are symbolic of both wisdom and royalty. Historically within European civilisations, it was commons for members of the royal family to wear purple colours to signify their nobility. Purple asters are also one of the most common aster blooms.

White asters: these flowers resemble purity and innocence, as well as new beginnings.

Red and pink asters: these blooms are symbolic of undying devotion.

What is My Birth Flower?

If you wish to know what your birth flower is, there are a number of ways to find out. The best option involves researching online. Asides from learning more about your birth flower, you’ll also be able to learn more about its symbolic meaning.

Gifting Flowers

A bouquet of beautiful blooms is a great gift to receive! Why not go the extra mile and gift a special someone a bouquet of their birth flowers. This personal touch is a thoughtful way to show a family or friend that you’re thinking of them. If their birthday is coming up in September, getting the month’s birth flower is a great option to choose for a bouquet or plant.