Keep Fresh Flowers Lasting Longer – Part 7
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Fresh blooms add color and vibrancy to our homes and offices. To ensure they last for as long as possible, it’s important to follow a few simple tips, one of which includes keeping them away from appliances, such as computers, radiators, and TVs. This is when placing flowers in a strategic position can make all the difference to their lifespan.

Choose location wisely

It’s not uncommon for households in this day and age to have screens in every room. From laptops to desktops, to tablets and flat-screen TVs, it’s likely every family member owns at least one screen. Try to pick a spot that is far away from gadgets, such as a bright, sunny windowsill, an island in the kitchen that is clear from computers or a table in the hallway. Entranceways are always a good option, as you’ll seldom place any electrical equipment or screens in this area and opening the door to a beautiful bouquet of blooms is a welcome home gift that can be enjoyed by all. It will also fill the hallway with a sweet fragrance.

Why screen time is bad for fresh cut flowers

Appliances including radiators and televisions give off a great deal of heat, which causes blooms to quickly dehydrate! To avoid this, choose a location for your fresh cut blooms that is free of screens. However, if you’re unable to evade all household appliances, make sure you place the cut blooms in fresh water containing a flower food solution as soon as possible. Although it can be easy to leave the flowers lying on the kitchen counter whilst you concentrate on other things, this can be detrimental to their health. If you can’t get your bouquet into the water with a flower food solution straight away, place them in a cool location, such as in the pantry.

What flower food to use

The majority of bouquets last between four and seven days. To make them last as long as possible, it’s important to prep the flowers before placing them in a vase. The bouquet should come with flower food, but if not, you can make your own DIY version. There are a number of formulas to choose from, many of which can be created out of popular household ingredients!

Avoid heating and cooling vents

Asides from avoiding electrical appliances such as televisions and laptops, it’s a good idea to place the vase away from heating and cooling vents, as well as areas with constant direct sunlight. The temperature should be no more than 22°C. If you’re in an office, try to place them away from ceiling fans. Choosing the right spot can be extremely difficult when buying freshly cut flowers for the office, as there are so many laptops, vents and fans to avoid. Ensuring your blooms have plenty of water and flower food is, therefore, a must! You may notice the flowers drain the water much quicker when placed next to appliances too. Keeping an eye on this and ensuring you refill and refresh the vase is a must. If the water becomes cloudy, remove the blooms immediately, recut the stems, removing two inches from the base using a sharp knife, and replace the water. For best results, use warm water when refilling the vase and remove any leaves that sit below the waterline.

As long as you take the appropriate steps to preserve your blooms, you should find that they last for longer, enabling you to enjoy the flowers to the max! And if you do notice discoloration, wilting leaves or dead flower heads, it’s vital you act quickly to make your blooms last even longer.

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