Flowers That Symbolize And Attract Good Luck
Lourdes Pereira de Souza

Whether a friend has an interview or a colleague has a pitch to present, a beautiful bouquet of good luck flowers can make all the difference to their day. Different blooms are known to carry different meanings, and there are plenty that can be used to symbolise and attract good luck ahead of whatever event you wish to mark.

Send the brightest blooms and your best wishes to loved ones with one of the following flowers – all are renowned for attracting good luck!


These picturesque flowers symbolise harmony, happiness and balance. In addition to this, they’re also thought to represent thoughtfulness. It’s traditional to place them at the front of your home, greeting guests with well wishes on arrival. These flowers are often incredibly bright, although they should be given plenty of space if planting outside.


The peony flower represents riches and honour. These blooms are also associated with innocence, femininity, charm and peace. In terms of good luck, red peonies are symbolic of both this and good fortune. They are recognised as fortuitous blooms and are especially popular as a flower to mark New Year.


This particular bloom is one of the most opportune flowers and is symbolic of both wealth and opulence. With their hot hues, fragrant scent and delicate petals, they are affectionately referred to as water fairy flowers. In Chinese culture, the Narcissus is a symbol of good fortune and is therefore ideal should you wish to pass on good luck wishes to someone.

Water Lilies

Similar to Narcissus, these pure white blooms boast a sweet fragrance and are a favourite for the Lunar New Year. Asides from their soothing scent, water lilies are able to flourish in shallow water, and are often displayed in a dish as opposed to a vase, which gives them a calming and delicate appearance. They symbolise optimism, rebirth, peace, good fortune and illumination.

Peach Blossoms

These flowers are deemed sacred in China, and are often displayed in valuable, profligate vases. They are symbolic of growth, romance and permanence. Many believe they awaken romantic luck for those who are single, which makes them popular options for those looking for love.


This sophisticated bloom represents fertility, luxury, beauty, wealth and luck. They are also symbolic of abundance. Orchids are one of the most prevalent gifts to give friends and family and come in a range of colours, meaning there is an orchid to suit all tastes. Many orchids require a limited amount of care, provided they are watered properly and have bright – but not too sunny – surroundings.

Lucky Bamboo

This traditional Chinese plant represents happiness, strength, permanence and good health. No two plants are the same as the thin stalks often twist, bend and twirl to produce different shapes, including the figure-eight, which is symbolic of wealth. This bloom is said to bring good fortune and harmony into the home all year-round, making it a popular option for those wishing to pass on messages of good luck.