Most Commonly Used Flowers By Florists Around The World
Yvelise Garant

Flowers are adored by many all over the globe, and gifting flowers to your nearest and dearest is something enjoyed by almost every region. Whether you’re congratulating someone on an anniversary, celebrating your love for a partner or rejoicing a colleague’s recent successes, sending a bouquet of beautiful blooms is a great gift to give.

Popular flowers in France

The most renowned flowers in the region of France include Iris Flowers, Lilies, Gourdon Flowers, Purple Flower, Rosemary Bush , and Cacti Cours Saleya. There are also a number of French indigenous flowers, comprising the Christmas Poinsettia Plant, multi-coloured Roses, Sunflowers, Gerberas and Daffodils. All look extremely aesthetically pleasing when presented in a bouquet. Online florists such as Serenata Flowers offer international delivery on an array of their products, meaning you can send flowers to those living further afield.

Popular flowers in the United States

In America, many use flowers as a way to show how they feel about one and other, and also as a decoration. The most renowned flowers to feature in American bouquets include Alstroemeria, the Peruvian Lily, Amaryllis, Anemone (commonly referred to as the windflower), Asiatic Lily, Aster, Baby’s Breath, Azalea and Begonia to name but a few.

Popular flowers in Spain

One of the most beautiful sights to see in Spain is the fields brimming with an assortment of beautiful blooms, as well as the many streets and buildings embellished with thriving vines of pink and purple hues. Flowers are very important to the Spanish culture, with many using them as a means to convey feelings and express emotions. With this in mind, bouquets are a hugely popular gift to give in this region and often contain the likes of Pomegranate Flowers, Red Carnations, Spanish Bluebells, Lantana Flowers, Gazania Flowers, Valencia Red Roses, Bougainvillea and Water Lillies.

Popular flowers in Italy

The importance of beliefs, values, and customs in Italy is huge! Flowers are also seen as very symbolic to the local people. The country even has flower emblems, including the rose, white poppy and the white lily. All are popular in Italian bouquets.

Popular flowers in South Africa

There are a number of flowers prevalent in South Africa, many of which are used in South African bouquets. The most favoured include Agapanthus, the African lily, Daisies, such as Felicia, Gerbera, Osteospermum and Arctotis, Phyllica Pubescence, Leucadendrons, Crocosmia, Chasmanthe and Ferraria Crispa.

Popular flowers in Sweden

Some of the most famous flowers in Sweden include Dianthus arenarius, Pulsatilla vulgaris, Phyteuma nigra, Hibiscus, Hoya or Wax Plant and Maianthemum bifolium. All are symbolic of the land. Other species comprise Cypripedium calceolus, Sorbus meinichii, Trientalis europaea, Lappula deflexa and Botrychium matricarifolium.

Popular flowers in New Zealand

New Zealand’s native flowers are truly unique and offer astounding colours and leaf displays. From Mount Cook buttercups, to Maori onions, white snow marguerite, Ladies tresses orchid, flush willowherb and the sun orchid, there are an abundance of blooms to choose from. Other popular options for a bouquet include Kowhai flowers, Toetoes, or Pampas Carmichaelia glabrescens, Ranunculus Sericophyllus and Hairy orchids.

Popular flowers in Denmark

The local government professed Marguerite Daisy (botanical name Argyranthemum Frutescens) as the National Flower of the Country. They come in the shape of a large, single, daisy-like bloom and are available almost all summer. It is little wonder they are a prevalent choice when choosing flowers for a bouquet in Denmark. Other options include the red clover and English holly (also known as Forget-me-nots).

Popular flowers in Hong Kong

When gifting bouquets in Hong Kong, be it for an anniversary, a work achievement, Valentine’s Day or a birthday, many will opt for white, pink and red roses when it comes to creating a beautiful bouquet. Other popular blooms for bouquets and flower arrangements include carnations, orchids and Lilies. All of these flowers are very famous in Hong Kong.

Popular flowers in Germany

Like many cultures and countries, Germans are big fans of flowers, particularly the gifting of beautiful blooms in the shape of bouquets, baskets of flowers, wreaths and centrepieces. Some of the preferred choices for bouquets in Germany include common flowers such as carnations, lilies, and roses, all of which are abundant in Germany. If you’re picking out blooms for someone from Germany that lives close to you, or wish to send a bouquet to the country, why not impress them with your knowledge of these German blooms?

As you can see, the popularity of different blooms varies wildly by country, meaning you can find a bouquet that is ideally suited to whichever location you wish to send to. At Serenata Flowers, you can opt for an array of delivery options to ensure your flowers arrive when you need them to.