Flowers According To Zodiac Sign – Libra
Ezun Yahworience

Libra: September 23 – October 23

Libra’s are sociable, gentle, graceful and feminine souls, who also boast a hint of seduction.

Despite their many good traits, they often find it hard to make decisions for fear of making the wrong choice. Libra’s also claim to be very artistic, a quality that many of their friends will admire in them.

When choosing flowers for someone who boasts this particular star sign, opt for something that has an aesthetic, round shape with camellia, white lilac, peony, rose and tulip species. When considering colour, keep it simple with pretty pinks and perfect ivory tones.

Plant-wise, opt for linden, vine, apple, oak, magnolia and poplars as they will all complement a Virgo’s traits.

Celebrities who belong to the Libra star sign include:  Anne Roumanoff, Brigitte Bardot, Monica Bellucci, Kate Winslet, Eminem, Will Smith, Kim Kardashian and Romy Schneider.

Birth Flower: Larger Rose flowers and Bluebells – a mix of blue flowers, idyllic roses and plenty of greenery is the ideal option for a Libra as it shows an insight into their many traits.