Meet The Most Popular British Flowers
Heru Purnomo

There are millions of different colors, variants and shapes of British flowers to be found…some of which you’ve probably never heard of!

Of those we are familiar with, certain species have remained favorites among florists, horticulturists and botanists for centuries.

Here, we’ve listed Britain’s top ten most popular flowers.

10 Most Popular British Flowers

The Rose

Roses have been a favorite British flower for many years.

Yet despite this, they’ve only just regained their top status.

Originally from China, they are now cultivated everywhere from Eastern Europe to America, Africa, and the Far East.

They’re also obtainable in almost every hue imaginable, except blue and black. To add to their likability, they’re available all year round.

20 Luxury Red Roses Bouquet

The Lily

First discovered in the Chinese Middle Ages, lilies has long been a symbol of purity.

There are three types of Lily to choose from: red, yellow and purple. Certain types of Lily are scent-free, whilst others are highly perfumed.

To date, they have been cultivated for over 3,000 years. Asides from their beauty, lilies were once used in medicine – many believe their anti-toxic powers have the ability to cure an array of ailments.

Aztec Sun Bouquet

The Tulip

The Tulip is another popular British flower species that is available in almost every color imaginable.

Native to the Middle East, they bloom from January to April in the UK. Their name derives from the Turkish word for turban, due to the Tulip’s rounded form.

Although they’re readily available today, in the Middle Ages, one single bulb could have seen you out of pocket by four million pounds.

Bright Mix Tulips with Vase

The Freesia

Amongst one of the most celebrated cut British flowers on the planet, many enjoy the Freesia’s natural beauty.

Named after the German Physician Dr. Friedrich Heinrich, they first arrived in Europe at the end of the 19th century.

Today, more than 110 million stems are sold annually.

Roses and Freesias Bouquet


Despite originating from South Africa, this is anther flower named after a German doctor, who went by the name of Traugott Gerber.

Gerberas are available in a wide array of beautiful colors and therefore, they’re often used in bouquets and centre pieces.

They’re also in season all year round, which makes them even easier to get a hold of.

Gerbera Bouquet

Sweet Pea

This pretty bloom is native to Italy and its botanical name (Lathyrus Odoratus) translates to ‘scented’.

Available from March to November, you can purchase this specie in an assortment of shades, including pinks, creams, purples and salmon hues.

Breeders are currently undergoing the process of developing a fragranced yellow sweet pea.


Although a number of orchid species are native to both semi-tropical and tropical climates, including Central America, South America and Asia, certain species are native to the UK.

They’re available in almost every colour possible, asides from blue. You’ll even find green and almost black variants in existence today.

As the largest plant family in continuation, with over 25,000 natural species to choose from (including some individually developed hybrids) when it comes to picking an orchid, you’re spoilt for choice!

Luxury Pink Orchid


Available in every colour but blue, the carnation makes for a pretty addition to both the garden and the home.

There are two types of carnation to choose from: a standard carnation, which boasts one ample-sized flower per stem or a spray carnation, which comprises of lots of smaller flowers.

They’re available all year round, which only adds to their popularity.

Carnations – Pleasure is Mine


Native to South and West America, the Sunflower is now extremely popular in the UK.

You’ll likely remember hosting competitions at school to see who could grow the tallest sunflower.

The majority of sunflowers are vivid yellow with dark centres, whilst certain species are orange, maroon and even striped. Asides from the traditional sunflower, a low-pollen version is now readily available – an ideal option for those who suffer from asthma. The sunflower is not only admired for its appearance though, as one mature sunflower can produce 40% of its weight in oil.

In the past, sunflower stems have been used for many things, including lifejackets. The stems were once used to fill the inner part of the jacket, prior to the invention of modern-day materials.

Sunflowers – Summer Sorbet


This flower’s name derives from the Greek word for ‘wind’. It’s available in a variety of hues, including hot shades of pink and purple, deep shades of red and an all white hue.

Native to the Eastern Mediterranean and Asia, anemone’s are now grown across Europe. Asides from traditional anemone’s, oversized versions are now in existence.

These are the perfect choice for those who wish to display them in their home in single vases. This particular specie is available from September to May.

If you’re considering which popular flowers to choose, be sure to opt for ones that are in season as they’ll be more readily available.

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