Meet 8 Popular Designers And Their Designer Flowers
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Just like there are many famous painters and actors in this world, there are also many renowned florists.

Floral design is an intricate business and one that can take many years to perfect.

Here weve listed some of the most celebrated floral designers of all time and discover exactly what it is that has helped put them on the map.

1. Vera Wang

Shes not only famous for her incredible wedding dresses but also, the floral displays to accompany these high fashion items. Just like her couture, Vera Wangs floral arrangements are stunning, chic, sophisticated and romantic.

Theyre ideal for both centrepieces and wedding bouquets and will add instant glamour to any event. From glass cylinder vases comprising submerged cymbidium orchids to hanging Gardenia and stephanotis bouquets to a single Calla lily boutonnière there are plenty of styles, designs and shades to choose from, including the palest pink to the brightest fuchsia.

2. Gregor Lersch

This celebrated German designer is renowned for his signature plant designs. Hes known on a global level as the Master of all Master Florists. It therefore comes as little surprise that he has won an abundance of national and international awards. On top of these awards, hes also the author of an astounding 30 floral design books.

His designer flowers are somewhat bright and bold and are a great option for those who wish to inject both colour and exoticness into their lives.

3. Joe Guggia

Although hes been hiding away for the majority of his career, hes speedily been awarded a great deal of national spotlight for his creative twist on commonplace retail work.

Asides from being the centre of attention for his fresh designer flowers, hes also a star on LinkedIn and a number of other social media platforms.

In fact, his online presence is growing by the minute. Hes also a little different to that of his competitors.

4. Andrew Parravano

Having been a specialty-wedding designer for a number of years, he has now taken his designer flower business into retail. Andrews designer flowers are highly commended for their fresh style and unique design. He is said to be one of the first suburban florists to present an open concept floral design studio.

Hes currently being dubbed the next big thing when it comes to designer flowers and is certainly a name to watch out for.

5. Kristin Banta

Shes said to be the best flower designer in LAand as such, shes often the chosen one for an array of celebrity weddings. She brings both branding and originality to an entirely new dimension and is often seen on TV showcasing an assortment of her designer flowers.

To date, shes featured on Bravo, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Millionaire Matchmaker and Cupcake Wars on the Food Network.

6. Banchet Jaigla

Inspired by Thailand, which is where she grew up, her designer flowers are extremely bright, bold and lush, with hits of New York City. Her flowers are dubbed the visual vocabulary of the florist world. In fact, she has re-defined the word design.

Her key style includes variations of orchids and babys breath (gypsophila). Her smaller vase pieces are a little like works of art and come in a range of popping hues and sizes. Her store windows boast up to seven variations of orchid (including every specie from lady slippers to phalaenopsis). She favours seasonal, wild and organic flowers and instead of solely using vases alone, she experiments with vessels such as test tubes, cubes, arty shapes and overstated blown glass. Her signature flowers for bouquets include peonies, roses, irises, and tulips.

7. Preston Bailey

This author and designer extraordinaire has set the bar extremely high in the world of floral design. Hes a favourite among celebrities and his books have sold en-masse on Amazon. He also offers fellow florist designers the opportunity to enroll on his online course!

His portfolio consists of art installations, major affairs, events, charity, weddings and hotel displays, including that of the famous Waldorf Astoria. His floral artistry transforms vast spaces to create unique, almost fairytale worlds, alongside a number of intricate centrepieces and distinctive designs.

8. Klaus Wagner

Another famous name in the world of designer flowers is Klaus Wagner, who often works alongside Lersch. Klauswork however is a little outdoorsier in style and he enjoys incorporating a great deal of live nature into his work. During his design showcases, he is often the centre of the medias attention as his fresh designer style has featured on Pinterest and is used by many as inspiration for an array of events, including weddings, concerts, store openings and outdoor events

If you can think of other popular designers of flowers, wed love to hear about them and spread the word..