Orchids Sos
Justin Timba

Orchids are known for their meaning of love and beauty and have been part of many people’s homes for years.

As a result, the orchid is fast becoming one of the most popular flowers – just behind Poinsettias at Christmas.

However, receiving an orchid for the very first time can be quite daunting – especially if you have no idea how to keep it alive.

So, here at Serenata Flowers, we have created an SOS guide to help you to look after your exotic orchid.

Identify your orchid

The first step to look after your orchid is to identify which type of orchid you actually have. There are around 30,000 species of orchids currently in the wild throughout the world and over 100,000 registered hybrids. However, the most common types are:

·The Phalaenopsis – also known as the moth orchid. This type has round flowers with a pronounced lip that grows on one single stalk. The flowers from this orchid are normally; white, purple or pink.

·The Dendrobium – also known as cane orchids. These orchids have much smaller flowers which tend to grow in rows on the stalks which come from thicker canes. The colors of the flowers are normally white or purple.

It is important to know the name of your orchid in order to look after it properly.

To begin with

Once you have identified what type of orchid you have, you should begin to let it grow.

Normally when you receive the orchid it will already be in bloom however, your goal is to prolong the bloom for as long as possible. Here are a few tips to help you do this:

To begin with, most orchids are planted in the wrong conditions for a long period of time. Orchids are known for their need of air around the roots.

However, due to the containers, they are often in this can be difficult. But, it is important to remember not to re-pot an orchid that is already in bloom as it is too distressing. So, in order to maintain the bloom be careful with the water – try not to water the orchid too much, it should be watered once a week. This will allow the bloom to last a good few weeks.

After the bloom

Once your orchid’s bloom has come to an end, it is time to prepare it for the next one. In order to do this you should cut off the old flower spike near the base of the plant.

You should also re-pot the orchid into the perfect growing space that it requires – this will depend on what type of orchid you have.

With these tips in mind, your orchid will live well into the future and keep your home looking fresh and smelling beautiful.