Strawberry Ice Succulents Are The Prettiest Plant You'Ll Add To Your Collection This Summer
Benito Arturo RodiguEz Alatorre

They look almost like rosebuds. Plus, they're easy to care for and affordable.


I'm a fan of all houseplants, but when one is affordable, easy-to-care-for, and beautiful, well, that's a triple-threat that definitely deserves attention. Recently, I came across one that checks off all three boxes: a succulent called Echeveria Strawberry Ice, and it's just as stunning as it sounds. The pretty and pink plant is available at Cedar Creek Farmhouse, an online retailer of rare succulents. These petite succulents look like a rosette of plump leaves and are teeny tiny, measuring about an inch tall and wide. And they really are as pink as they look in the photo, though Cedar Creek Farmhouse points out that just-shipped plants might not look as rosy. But with a little light and water, they'll regain their beautiful blush.

Although the site says right now that the succulent is out of stock, I reached out to Crystal Taylor, the owner of Cedar Creek Farmhouse, who says her team just ordered another batch of Strawberry Ice, and they'll be available in about two weeks. A single rosette costs $18, a double retails for $22, and shipping is free. Because of shipping restrictions, the succulent comes un-rooted, but you can place them in any pot you'd like, and the roots should start growing easily. Taylor says that there will be limited quantities available, so if you'd like one, go to the website to place a special order or email

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If you already have a variety of succulents at home, Strawberry Ice would make a colorful addition. Or it would also be an eye-catching plant for starting your collection. Succulents are incredibly easy to care for and do not need much water or sunlight. They're even pretty forgiving if you forget about them for a bit.